Green Green Grassland(青青草原) @ Qing Jing(清境), Taiwan – Part 1

Qing Jing has many tourist favorite spots & recreation area, especially the most well-known places is up up the hill: Green Green Grassland

The View of all the land

The place is covered with green grass as like the above picture looks like, then the background are the famous mountains, the scenery was beautiful & is cool up there too. The first day we reached Qing Jing, we took the local transit according to their schedule and reach here. We started from up the hill, there are lots of sheeps, cute sheeps & baby sheeps can easily seen all around. Of course you may hug them if you want, hahaha… you may feed them as well, just grab some grass from the ground will do, more pictures as below:

They are greedy actually :)

Jesse is trying to attract one of them!

Camwhore with the sheeps, girls love to do it!

Here keeps all the small sheeps for tourist visit

We came here not just only to watch or feed the sheep, there is a “Cowboy” show event on every weekends! Most of the locals love to watch the show, only here you can find “Taiwan Cowboy”. Before the show started…

Yes, everyone is sitting down & waiting

Back Hills

Taiwanese? or Foreigners??

Let me do some shortcut here, the show includes introduction of the Sheep, like how to diffrent shape the males & females sheep, about their mature lar, foods lar, bla~ bla~ bla~ and also the cowboy will demo with his “Pal” (Black Dog) how to made the sheep move up the hill & come down again.

Let’s Move it Move It~

Counting on the Sheep

The show is still not over yet! Here is some more…

Rope Show

I think the audience is more aware of the newbie, lol

Don’t practice this at home!

Getting Dark & Cool~

This is not end of the post yet, because we did come back to this place on the next day morning & lots of stuff too.

2 Responses to “Green Green Grassland(青青草原) @ Qing Jing(清境), Taiwan – Part 1”

  1. 1 Robin Nov 18th, 2009 at 11:19 pm

    Whoah very cool pictures dude !!!! Olympus has always been strong on greens.
    And I guess what they say is true, grass is indeed greener on the other side !! ahahahah

  2. 2 Anston Nov 20th, 2009 at 1:36 am

    (Robin)Wow~ i like the Green & Blue as well. Thanks for the comment :)