Yes, we had successfully landed on 2012! Happy New Year!!

Yes, this is the day we had landed on 2012! Is this the year where the end of the world comes? Hahaha~ i dun think so personally. But this is the day i will write again or start again my blog journey :)

I will gonna need some time to fix or clean up some “dirt” & “web” over my website 1st! Stay tuned~


Taman Negara, Malaysia National Park @ Pahang

The Group of people who joined this trip

Finally, i’m back to my blog again. Muahahaha~ more nice places & beautiful pictures will be preview on my page, hope all of you would spend some time to browse my site 😛

I’d joined the Taman Negara, Malaysia National Park trip with some friends on the past 2 weeks ago. It was my 1st time set my foot on a very HUGE jungle, the trip is fun because of many friends i met. I’m using the Nikon D300 + 18-200mm lens for the whole trip, selected some photos to share with u all, hope u all like it!

Taman Negara was declared for conservation in 1938 and has become Malaysia’s premier national park and the largest in the country covering over 4343 square kilometres (434,300 hectares) of primary forest, spans across three states Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang – and is situated in the centre of the Peninsula Malaysia. Taman Negara is the most extensive protected area of pristine, lowland, evergreen rainforest in the country. Taman Negara originated from a Pahang State Legislation in 1925 and in the district of Jerantut.

For an angler, Taman Negara is a fishing paradise. There are more than 300 fish species available in 6 rivers; Sungai Tahan, Sungai Tenor, Sungai Tembeling, Sungai Terenggan, Sungai Keniam and Sungai Perkai. You can ask local people or the boat driver to show the best fishing spots. Ikan Kelah or Malaysia Mahseer is a famous species which is preserved and protected at Kelah Sanctuary in Sungai Tahan.

The Forrest & River

Canopy Walk

Random Colors of Nature

Teh Tarik River, lol

The Boat on the River


The High View

River Flow

The Orang Asli Vilage


I’m Flying Away… again.

Dragon Dance

This month, is Crazy & Siao Siao for me! All happened in a sudden that i need to travel so many country, no time to rest. Firstly, in the office was tons of mess needed to be settle, better don’t delay anymore, else it will get taller than our KLCC.

Coming up is i need to follow my boss go to Singapore & Korea: 15-18 at Singapore, then 19-23 at Korea, 24 baru can come back to Malaysia from Singapore with JetStar. This was my first time visit to Korea, a business trip which i should be thankful for my boss given me a chance to travel, thanks to his Air-ticket oso 😛 But the Tauke son said, it is not easy, you can imagine 1st in every nights before sleep, MUST MEETING! OH~FxxK!!!

By the way, after the Korea trip i need to get ready for my next overseas travel to… Taiwan. OMFG~ i only got another 4 days to rest before depart to Taiwan! I’m really worried i will get exhausted, so i tell myself pls remember to take the Brand’s Chicken Essence everyday 1 bottle, will it works?!

So now i need to shut my mouth up & go to bed, because tomorrow will become my 1st day of Hell Journey started.

Please don’t call me, sms will be fine! God Speed~


A Great Taste of the Local Taiwan Indias Dishes

Hualian 花蓮, located on the east cost of Taiwan land. Many of mountains can be seen along the roads and also the east cost seaside. A very beautiful place for recreational & relaxing, unlike living in a big city or town. We had book a local tour guide for our Hualian visit, 2D1N is cost about RM600 plus something. Before we depart to the most famous Taroko National Park, must fill up our stomach after a long long ride on the train.

So our Mr Tour Guide brought us to this local Taiwan Indias Restaurant. We only got 2pax for the meal, so we ordered 2 sets. Yes, i’d regret after making that decision, because the foods is TOO MUCH for us! Let’s see what we have here:

Mixed Vege & Fruits, i like the colors combination

Steamed Pork Meat, tasted “funny”

This is really the dish of my day, Char Siew!

The Rice & Yellow Rice


The foods are all cooked with Charcoal, not using any gas or electronic stuff. As i mentioned, this is a Indias Restaurant. Overall the taste was great, especially i like the so called “Char Siew”. This meal really makes me wanna go back to hotel stick on the bed, lazy to climb mountain. Haha~

Jesse & our dishes, part of it only 😛

The Interior, simple & nice

Another Traditional Dance performed by the staff

After the great meal, we are ready to go our next places. Still very full ler~


Shilin Night Market (士林夜市) @ Taipei, Taiwan

Shilin Food Court

Shilin Night Market 士林夜市 is one of the famous night market at Taipei, i guess can be said as tourist night market as well. Just take the ride of their MRT to the Shilin station, then you had reach the night market, so near.

Ok lar, i don’t wanna write too much words over this post, let the photos tell the story. Our first visit all the way down.

Interior of the food court, many colorful signboard

The famous Deep fried chicken fillet (豪大大雞排) Tasted great but very hot!

Tempura (甜不辣)

Taiwan Sausage

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Sun Moon Lake 日月潭 @ Taiwan

Jesse & the Sun Moon Lake

This is one of my favorite place in Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake 日月潭. We were taking the bus from the Nantou 南投 bus station, i think the trip take us abt 45mins to reach the location. The lake was very huge, seems like Tasik Kenyir so natural & beautiful. I was hopping can spend more time to take more nice photos, haha~

The Port

The Street

Our Lunch, simple & little :)

We did done a booking from the hotel for the boat ride, it will bring us to another 2 more port & the Lalu Island. The Lalu island is the only island stands inside the Sun Moon Lake alone, is a very small piece of land. I heard the Mr Tourguide told us about the island “fairy tale” & also after an earthquake strikes on 921, the island itself sunk a partial of land. But still many visitors said this is a “MUST” visit place, small piece of land still so crowded.

View from another place

The Lalu Island

To think back why am i choosed this place to visit, is because there are many nice scenery photos preview on the website & MATTA Fair. I’m so happy to when almost reaching the place, closer & closer to the lake, i see… SHOOT~ how come so hazzy ler?! OMG~

During check-in the hostel, i fliped their guestbook and some photo albums related to the lake. I asked the boss the lake is so beautiful in sunrise & dawn too, weather is so good somemore, how come today so “blur”? Then the boss said, if you wish/thinking of the lake everyday got nice weather & not so “blur”, it is WRONG! Most of the time is covered with mist, so just rely on your sense to take nice photo, you are a photographer right? (i was $@#% in my mind jor)

Ok lar, let me show some of my shoots on the next day morning sessions, it is really nice cool morning, walk out on 5:30am, so early~





I’m done here with some shortcut post of the Sun Moon Lake, it is a very nice & silent place for photography, there are many more places to go but need to buy more time to stay here longer. I’m looking forward to come back this place in another day, holiday is not bad at all, cheers :)


Chinese New Year Holiday Ended!

The Holidays had ended, everything is back to normal, my job are increasing tons of work to do, i really wish for another Big holiday will come again, someday…

In this CNY holiday, i’d watch lots of movie(1st time watched 4 movies/week), makan as much as i can(got control lar), taking some photos on my new toys(sad didn’t manage to assemble my Macross), celebrate the Valentine without my gf(she is far far away), went to Bentong for a day trip street photo(end up stuck in the madness jam), Friends open house invitation(i didn’t gamble), buying some new toys(and also selling some of my old toys). Crazy isn’t it? haha~

Happy belated Gong Hei Fatt Choy!

Below is some pictures taken in Bentong during the Chinese New Year, if you wish to see, pls click the below link for next page, terima kasih :)

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WOW~ long long time didn’t step into my blog liao!

I’m away for long long time already, too many events, activities, travelling, jobs(sux) & malas oso 😛

I’ll try to do some post ASAP!

Thanks ya :)


Best Wishes on Christmas to all of you :)

Best Wishes for Christmas

First of all, wish u all Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! I was away from my blog long long time, is been a busy + busy month for me in my job especially. But i’m still be able to spare some of my anual holidays to go Taiwan on last week.

What keeping remind me during the 4D3N trip, my first time…

Staying in the weather between 10°c to 12°c at Taipei, Taiwan Freaking Freeze me for the whole trip, i would not like to spend so much time at the outdoor. But, i also “exhausted” after returned back to Malaysia. Freaking HOT ler~

I did bought some present for myself on X’mas:

Marcross VF-25S Super Messiah

I bought this at the Toys Exhibition near the Taipei 101, SRP is NT 2600, offer price is only NT1300!!! (so i buy lor)

MOS Calender 2010

Nice & unique design calender attracted my sights, and also i love MOS Burger, hahaha…

BELLAVITA Shopping Mall @ Taipei

The Hall

Have a wonderful nights everyone :)


Huge Light Tubes Petronas Twin Tower @ Kuala Lumpur City Centre(KLCC)

It was a very bored night standing alone in front of the two “light tube”, haha~ got some nice pictures + funny picture as well.

Petronas Twin Tower

Here is some facts about the Petronas Twin Tower from Wikipedia:

The Petronas Twin Towers were the tallest buildings in the world until Taipei 101 was completed in 2004, as measured to the top of their structural components (spires, but not antennas). Spires are considered integral parts of the architectural design of buildings, to which changes would substantially change the appearance and design of the building, whereas antennas may be added or removed without such consequences. The Petronas Twin Towers remain the tallest twin buildings in the world.

The Willis Tower and the World Trade Center towers were each constructed with 110 occupied floors – 22 more than the Petronas Twin Towers’ 88 floors. The Willis Tower and the World Trade Center’s roofs and highest occupied floors substantially exceeded the height of the roof and highest floors of the Petronas Twin Towers. The Willis Tower’s tallest antenna is 75 m (246 ft) taller than the Petronas Twin Towers’ spires. However, in accordance to CTBUH regulations and guidelines, the antennas of the Willis Tower were not counted as part of its architectural features. The spires on the Petronas Towers are included in the height since they are not antenna masts. Therefore, the Petronas Twin Towers exceed the official height of the Willis Tower by 10 m, but the Willis Tower has more floors and much higher square footage.

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